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The Earth Observation DataHub (EODH) will be a new world-leading UK-specific software infrastructure that will enable the UK to be at the forefront of digital EO technologies, reducing data downloads and data volumes for storage. 


Data infrastructure for the UK is critical in the Earth Observation (EO) sector as it directly impacts the ability of UK science to produce world-leading information for discovery and policy, and the ability of our growing downstream industry to capitalise and invest in services built around UK capabilities and assets. The UK Government consistently recognises the value of EO capability with the importance of ongoing investment in the UK’s role recognised in the National Space Strategy and at global events such as COP26.

Research and analysis repeatedly point to the need to invest in a way which catalyses that investment and bridges the “data to information” divide. Evidence from engagement with users in the EO sector has shown that there are barriers to the effective exploitation of Earth observation data. These include fragmentation of data sources and services and the fact that source data may not be in a form that is readily exploitable.

The EO DataHub (EODH) programme has been instigated to address these challenges. 

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