Invitation to Tender (ITT) Applications and Integrations

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Release of the EO DataHub Applications and Integrations ITT

NCEO and the EO DataHub team are pleased to announce the release of our latest invitation to tender, the EO DataHub Applications and Integrations ITT.

The closing date and time for this tender submission has been changed to: 29 January 2024, 2:00pm.

The total value across all lots in the ITT is £1.8 million including VAT.

Note: that it is important to read the whole of this message including the notice for clarification at the end. 

The EO Data Hub is a pathfinder service designed to offer UK users a step-change in data access and quality serving commercial users, government, researchers and students. This ITT will deliver three specific solutions that make use of the Hub Platform as their back-end service layer, deliver beneficial services to significant groups of users and align with UK strategic objectives and activities at the national scale.  The current ITT’s implementation will mark an important step forward in adding user-orientated service interfaces to the core Hub Platform software (which is now in progress through an earlier ITT).

Lot 1: Web-application delivering Combined Information from Climate Observations and Projections;  

Lot 2: Web-map application showcasing Land Surface data provided through the EODH: responsive and fast “slippy-map” application providing browse, select, compare, visualise and processing capabilities;  

Lot 3: Open-source code integrations and training: accelerating use of the Hub Platform capabilities, with a focus on GIS practitioners, through firstly a software integration with an existing platform or software product and secondly a training course delivered through a collection of Python Jupyter Notebooks.

Important Notice for clarification 

Unfortunately, due to problems with the procurement system it was necessary to re-release the call. We apologise for the potential confusion this has caused. Suppliers should note these important points with the call which has been re-issued: 

If you have any questions, please raise these via the Delta e-Sourcing Portal ( 

The definitive version of this notice is on the CEDA website.